Salem Minegar is a visual artist from La Crescent, MN.  He concentrated in Painting and Illustration at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011.  His work has appeared in the Peabody Essex Museum’s Connections magazine and as packaging design for a chocolatier in Manhattan.  In 2017, after ten years on the East Coast, he returned to the Driftless Region.


The results of my creative practice range from small non-objective collages to larger paintings involving the figure.  My work concerns memory, mythology, the natural world, and a desire for a still mind.  I utilize paint and collage and build images through color relationships and juxtaposition of shape.  I attempt to respond to the history innate in found materials and antique paper, marrying them with acrylic or gouache as organically as possible.  The involvement is rigorous and allows for chance and upheaval to alter the course of the piece.  A result is never predetermined.  My aim is to add or subtract until the composition has reached its internal order. I am looking for a genuine moment, a fleeting glimpse of something personal, or my best resolution of a formal exploration.

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